Another Crazy Beauty Trend… Eyebrow Wigs

Instagram and YouTube beauty gurus have been gracing us with their latest finds in the beauty world. Some of these finds are crazier and more ridiculous than they are helpful. Regardless of their usefulness we are thankful for the weird beauty tips and tricks that come our way.

The latest one has been eyebrow wigs. Yes, you read that right. They are wigs, but for your eyebrows. They can solve all your eyebrow issues in a quick application. Want thick eyebrows? Eyebrow Wig! Accidentally overplucked? Eyebrow Wig! YouTube Jeffree Star brought the trend to the public’s eye with his video where he tried out the wigs for the first time. The wigs are made entirely of human hair and can be worn for up to seven days. People have varied opinions about the product, but the initial idea of the product, allowing those with alopecia to apply these in the morning and have effective temporary eyebrows. read more

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