Modeling Agency Makes a Statement Only Hiring Models Over 45 And The Results Are Amazing

Society’s view of beauty seems to change constantly, making it very hard for people to feel like they belong. With the changing beauty standards, certain looks are excluded and simply are not considered to be beautiful. One of these looks is age; those who are older have been considered by society to not be attractive. They are told that they are out of their prime and can no longer be considered pretty.

Models have been the faces of the fashion industry for as long as we know. The beauty standards created by society are tangibly visible through them. When Oldushka modeling agency represented models of 45 years and over it was a big deal. They broke barriers with the age stereotype in regards to beauty and created some impressive photographs, bringing a new generation into the fashion industry. The models are very popular in Russia where they appear in mainstream magazines and ad campaigns. Igor Gavar, photographer and creator of Oldushka, hopes to inspire others to embrace the beauty that comes from aging. read more

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