If You Thought You Had Seen Everything Here are Teeth-Nails

Nails have always been a way for females to express themselves and experiment with their personal style. The color you choose to paint your nails can say a lot about a girl. Acrylics or Gel? Manicured or Natural? These choices can give insight into a person’s image and fashion journey. Russian nail art chain, Nail Sunny takes this personal style to a whole other level.

Nail Sunny is known for creating crazy nail acrylics with designs that go beyond anybody’s imagination. However, their designs have not gotten the best response from the public. “This is disgusting, very sickening” says one commenter. Even the designers themselves weren’t sure about their creation, “Yay or nay” they asked in the caption of the video. Would you get these wacky nails? read more

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