World’s Most Deceiving Cake Made Entirely From Vegetables

Why go on a diet when you can have cake? Japan’s Vegedeco Salad cake offers the perfect blend of health and cake into one delectable dessert.

Mitsuki Moriyasu a café owner, food stylist and mother created this cake when she had been tinkering with recipes due to her sons’ food allergies. She would come up with interesting combinations to get her kids to eat healthy.Elements of a traditional sweet cake are substituted with healthy vegetable based foods. Frosting is made from tofu whereas the cake base is made of soy powder. The colorful icings are made from vegetable colorings such as beetroot juice. Moriyasu then decorates her cakes with sliced, diced, seasoned and cooked vegetables as garnish for the delectable dessert. Her cakes became a huge hit online with their curb appeal as well as their health benefits. A slice of cake has 193 calories compared to a normal chocolate cake slice without frosting having 340 calories. read more

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