Instagram Account Shares Rare Beautiful Pictures of Celebrities

It’s hard to believe that celebrities are people just like us. Their lives are so drastically different from ours unless you head out to a red carpet after your morning coffee. We turn to the celebrities to live vicariously through them and they keep us entertained through their skills and appearance.

Instagram account Velvet Coke sheds a new light on these celebrities, bringing them out of the limelight and shining an everyday light fixture on them instead. The account posts rarely seen photos of famous people in which they are doing everyday tasks. The photos let viewers take a peek into the celebrities’ lives to see that they are not much different from us after all. Velvet Coke has accumulated about 369,000 followers who can’t get enough of the nostalgia inducing photos of the celebrities. In the first image, Lady Diana takes her children to Disneyland, making them wait in line like everybody else. She often took her sons to experience the rawness of real life and did not shelter them in a luxurious life without experiencing the world. The second photo shows Brad Pitt sporting long Thor-like hair. The 1982 photograph of Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney doing dishes. This photo predated their failing out after which they stopped speaking kindly to each other. The last image is Audrey Hepburn in 1955, Paris read more

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