Ink Yourself At Home

Have you ever wanted to get a tattoo but couldn’t decide on what to get? Tattoos are a permanent decision that many find difficult to make. With inkbox, individuals can now create their own tattoo designs and get sent a semi-permanent tattoo to try out.

After filling out an application, customers get an inkbox kit with their custom-made tattoo design that can easily be applied with a warm washcloth. The inkbox comes with everything a customer would need to apply at home. Along with custom made stencil designs, freehand ink is also sent for the customer to possibly draw on a tattoo that they would want to get. Inkbox tattoos are authentic and last long because of the ink that sinks into the epidermis. Here the ink works well with the organic compounds in the skin to develop the ink’s color. The ink is safe, painless and from all-natural ingredients. read more

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