Mom Only Works Two Hours A Day And Runs A Successful Online Shoe Company

Charlotte Jones has been a fan of the luxurious shoe brand, Louboutin ever since her partner bought her a pair of the shoes as a gift. She wore her heels to a vacation in Ibiza where her shoes became completely unwearable and damaged. She couldn’t buy another pair, as Louboutins are a luxury product and didn’t want to buy them off of eBay due to potential fake shoes. She then had an idea to open her own show website to sell unworn/unwanted shoes for a fraction of their cost-

Jones runs her online shop from her home in South Yorks where her partner Dael Baxter has helped her officially set up her business, so she can stay home with her kids. She now has sold more than 400 pairs of Louboutins and has branched out to other designer products such as Chanel and Alexander McQueen.
Her shoes come from owners who are given so many shoes they possibly can’t wear them all. She often must drive far to pick up pairs of shoes from owners who are willing to give their shoes away. Charlotte claims: “A lot of the shoes are brand new, the ladies have been bought them as gifts and they don’t fit or they don’t like them.
“You’d be amazed, some women have huge collections and they never wear them.
“One of my main sellers, her husband worked in London and he’d bring her back Louboutin’s every weekend and she wasn’t that bothered about them. She had hundreds of pairs, so she just got rid of them all.
Charlotte’s job fits perfectly with her life and gives her the flexibility to be with her family while also doing a job is passionate about.
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