Save Money And Give Yourself a Spa Day In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

With the stress of everday life, there comes a point in every hardworking individual’s life where the week’s events have been too much and they just need a break. Relaxation comes to each person differently, but spa treatments have been a popular favorite among stressed individuals looking to pamper themselves. With these tips you can reach the relaxation you get at a spa right in the comfort of your own home.

Prepare yourself to an evening of relaxation and leaving all other troubles behind. Cleanse your mind and body by pouring a refreshing drink. Spa day or not it is always important to stay hydrated and keep water by your side. Add flavor with different fruits and vegetbales sucha s mint, lemon, strawberries or cucumbers. Change out of your daily clothes and play some music that gets your relaxed and gives you a peace of mind. Smooth and silky skin is something we all want, and body scrubs are exactly how you get it. Scrubs don’t have to be expensive and exotic products that claim to be sourced in rainforests. They are easy to make in your own home with ingredients found in your cabinets. For example, a lemon sugar scrub made from white granulated sugar, coconut oil (or olive oil) and you guessed it, lemon juice. Apply the mixture to your body and wash off for exfoliated and moisturized skin. After all the sleepless nights and stressful events of the week, your eyes definitely need a break. Make an easy cucumber eye gel by grinding together fresh peeled cucumbers and ale vera gel. Cool the mixture and apply underneath your eyes for a refreshing cool down. Take a nice long bath to calm your body down and relax. Dim the lights, add candles, play music and create the perfect mood for your relaxing evening. Drop in some essential oil such as lavender or stir in some coconut oil to leave your skin feeling soft and renewed. Make a hydrating face mask with mashed avocado and honey and a hair mask with coconut oil or olive oil. While the two masks are soaking into your skin ease the pain in your feet with a homemade foot soak. Adding Epsom salt, essential oils and lime to some water can relax your feet and leave them moisturized.Rinse off your hair mask and your face mask and bask in your new relaxed state of mind and refreshed body. read more

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