Haters Going To Hate - Potatoes Going To Potate – Dwindling Potato Sales

As most issues nowadays are blamed on the younger generation, dwindling potato sales are deemed to be their fault as well. Potato sales fell 5.4 % last year which experts claim is due to the younger generations’ view on potatoes.

As our society is following trends and wishing for the best looking bodies, foods much like clothes can go out of fashion. Experts hypothesize that younger people believe that potatoes are un healthy and instead turn to rice and noodles for their source of carbohydrates. This has caused the rice and noodles sales to rise 7.6%. Chips, fries and other potato products have also gone down in sale due to their reputation as unhealthy. To make matters worse for the potato, young adults also view potatoes as a hassle to prepare and prefer a much easier food. Rice and noodles are now viewed as much superior to potatoes- they are healthy convenient and exotic. Younger food enthusiastic want to keep up with the latest food trends and work their life around the newest fads. However, this trend just may be hurting the potato industry. read more

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