25 Year Old Amber Scholl Makes A Fortune Recreating Expensive Celebrity Looks For A Fraction Of The Cost

With 2.1 million subscribers, Amber Scholl’s YouTube channel motivates young adults to be more fabulous, one rhinestone at a time. Her channel took off with “ DIY MARBLE FLOORING” a video with over 2 million views teaching viewers how to get an expensive home décor trend on their own. Since then, Amber has been recreating luxurious trends for cheap to unleash her viewers’ inner creativity.

Amber’s proximity to LA’s fashion district gives her access to luxurious looking fabrics and decals that she uses to make her projects. She creatively puts together rhinestones, laces, fabrics and glue to create extravagant looks that would otherwise cost a fortune. Through her YouTube platform she teaches younger viewers that there isn’t anything you can’t do with some creativity and glue. As she proves with her creation of an elegant dress made of trash bags, giving a new meaning to “looking trashy”.Through her influential content and platform, Amber Scholl has formed an empire on Youtube, Instagram and has expanded to working with companies and even creating her own jewelry line. A necklace saying “ah but what if it does” alluding to her favorite quote “what if it doesn’t work out, ah but what if it does”.
Amber works to inspire her audience and encourage them to be creative. Her channel provides all the resources a broke viewer would ever need to look as expensive as possible.
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