A MUM who was rush early from her work to give birth to a baby unfortunately lived for just 11 minutes has bravely shard her pain in a overwhelming message.

Katrina Villegas, 34 Years old, Won precious 11 minutes with her baby she will cherish for a lifetime.

Katrina Baby cuddled into her chest and even held her finger with a hand almost the size of her mother?s nail.

But after a heartbreaking labour, Katrina and her husband Joseph, 35 Years Old, from Maryland, US, had to go home without their dear Baby.

Katrina, who is additionally mum to three-year-old Caroline, stated: "April somehow filled me with calmness and joy and I held her as long as I could.

"I was so glad to meet my little girl, and she kept me so strong that I didn?t even cried while she was in my arms. She was amazing and perfect."

At 19 weeks pregnant, Katrina and Joseph had forced to make the "hardest decision of their lives" to early Katrina labour, after discovering their baby suffer from terminal condition Trisomy.

On August 8, 2017, April was born at 11.22pm. She died at 11.33pm.

Now Katrina has uncovered the physical reminders that she had to deal with, as well as the emotional pain.

In the letter, she cautions other mum's experiencing a similar heartbreaking and emotional pain pregnancy

She stated: "I didn't return home with an infant, however despite everything I gave birth.

We will never know god Plans but we are sure that all the difficulties on the way to the birth was the the right thing and i'm happy for that !!

I'm sure my baby is in a better place and i'm happy for her, I will always be her mother and will remember the beautiful gift god gave us.

For counclution, do not pity on us as we are the happiest parents in the world and we And we'll have more children. read more

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