Almost 40 Years A 16-Year-Old Began Planting A Tree Each Day On A Remote Island, And The Results is Shocking

The biggest stream island on the planet, Majuli, may vanish. In the course of the most recent 70 years, Majuli has shrunk by more than half and there are concerns it will be submerged in the following 20 years.

The island is under consistent danger because of the broad crumbeling soil on its banks.behind this is believed to be the substantial embankments built in towns up the Brahmaputra river to protect them from the deadly monsoon season, which redirect the devastating rage of the stream to the island.

Since 1990, more than 30 towns have been washed away.
Indian experts are attempting to make sense of how to spare the island

In 1979, Mr.Jadav Payeng, then 16 years old,

Without even a moment's pause, Jadav made it his life's main goal to spare Majuli from disintegration by planting trees. Working enthusiastically consistently, he has succeeded planting 550 hectares of woods bigger than the Central Park in New York City (340 hectares).

The result is shocking the forest recived his life back with tigers, Indian rhinoceros, and even a herd of over elephants often visit it every year.

We now have proof of what a person with enormous willpower and purpose can achieve

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