Divorced Ryan Giggs finally opens up to the world about his lover riddle, we didn't expect the answer : Kate Greville

Football legend Ryan Giggs has shocked his ex wife when he went public after only 8 months from their divorce. The Man United symbol tookhis new girl frind Kate Greville on holiday to Italy. They were connected instantly after his split from Stacey who he separated from last December. A passerby in Italy stated: "They appeared to be exceptionally happy."

The Manchester united premier league football club ?legend, 44, and PR official Kate, 34, Relaxed as opposed to fresh divorced, Agree to be photographed and be record as they walked through the Romantic town of Ravello on Italy?s Amalfi coast. An spectator stated: "Kate looked dazzling. She and Ryan were visiting and appeared to be extremely convenient together. They were exceptionally casual and cheerful ? like they had known each other for a long time. The moment football fans saw Giggs they began to gather around the couple and ask for signatures and selfies. Apparently the couple wanted to come out publicly and they chose one of the countries with the most football fans in world ! read more

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