aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth (?3billion worth )

The 60,000-tonne carrier will be escort by 1,400 sailors, aircrew and other personal

A ship loaded with equipment left Portsmouth sea port on its way to US training was designed to address threats Russian Subs, soon US figthers fighter jets land on board for the very first time. the british HMS Queen Elizabeth commander Andrew Betton, said "professionally and within the standard laws of the high seas" he also mentiond "Russian submarines are more active in the North Atlantic than they have been since the Cold War and we take that very seriously, the ship will be well protected as she makes her transit across the Atlantic.

"We are not seeking confrontation, we are heading to the east coast of the United States to conduct trials." . Thousands poeple crowded the port as they cheered to the 1,400 crew on board. the HMS Queen Elizabeth first mission is to conduct flight trials with the F35B for the first time. Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson mentiond his excitement about the future activity of HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft. we gather few pics to show you this new aircraft when leveling the post : read more

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