Amazing Movie Facts You Apparently Didn't Know

Movies regularly take us to far off universes, loaded with awesome characters and situations that let us enjoy and Rest from all the troubles and hassles of our daily lives, and when we try to forget that the figures are real actors the movie creators and production living it real with much effort to entertain us, And things become real behind the scenes, from overlooking you are wearing robotic jumping suit and heading out for A quick dinner, to catching nasty infections.It appears as though the actors and the group behind have seen everything , and it's nice to see some manage to have fun with it.

Chris Pratt took the suit from Guardians Of The Galaxy and went to the hospitals to make children happy, NASA shows Armageddon in the training program for managers to find errors, in Dallas Buyers Club the makeup buget was less then angelina jolie one pair of shoes and they won makeup oscar :), Forrest Gump- Tom Did not receive a salary for the film and took a percentage, read more

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