Boyfriend’s tragic,tribute to student, 21, killed by a car in London

Charlotte Staplehurst was today named as the unfortunate lady who passed away in London after paramedics were not able rescue her. Police and rescue vehicle teams raced to the scene in Coombe Street, New Maldon, in the blink of an eye before midnight on Monday, yet she passed on only 30 minutes later. Devastated Harry Foster, 19,wrote: "Never in the world did i think i would be doing this. These are the types of situations you read about thinking this could never happen to someone you love." "The times I spent with you were the best of my life and what I feel for you will never change." Harry, who posted a moving photo of the couple, proceeded in his post: "You were my reality and no body could or will ever supplant you. "You are the best person I know I would not change a single part of who you are i am so sorry. I promise I will see you again. I love you Charlotte

." The 27-year-old driver of the vehicle was captured on causing death by hazardous driving. read more

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