Complicated Paper Cut Shadow Boxes

I make complex shadow boxes from paper and paste. I am fundamentally a pen and ink craftsman and digging into paper design was a method for utilizing light and shadows to give unpredictable 2D shapes profundity and broadness.

The focal subject in my craft is development: the cycles of birth, passing, and resurrection. I feel, as a being on this planet, that I am continually shedding old skins and creeping into new ones. I have such huge numbers of bunches to unwind in my past, yet I additionally have such a significant number of parts to make in my future. In this exceptionally present, comfortable minute, I have a profundity of stories from past lives and furthermore the possibility of future selves holding up to be conceived. I need to express that torment is a piece of progress and vital to development. A portion of my characters are on fire or being devoured and others are in hibernation, lethargic, pregnant, or birthing. However, notwithstanding, they all figure out how to change, grow, burst out of past shells into a plenty of new creatures. They are always in movement, appearing. The numerous figures in my craft are in a way all features of one being, which is a mind that is always changing.

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