I Urge Individuals To Discover Their Way By Painting Smaller than normal Scenes On Compasses

I don't think about you, however home in some cases feels like a gigantic joke. Exactly when I think, "This defective sailboat in the Atlantic!" or, "This tilted condo in Brooklyn!" there's a storm or a lease raise, or I experience passionate feelings for, or (challenges) get pregnant. Also, the scan for home starts from the very beginning once more.

I make smaller than expected works of art in oil veneer. My most loved subject is modest departures. The spots my creative energy strays to when I'm looked with a rundown of bills to pay or clothing to wash. I've made these smaller than normal works of art for around six years now, on that previously mentioned sailboat, and that flat, and even now in the PNW with a small child kid by my side.

We consider compasses an image of "finding your direction", however we just look to them when we're lost. I think this is an ideal Catch 22 for my escape works of art. Feeling lost? Me as well. Perhaps these compasses will rouse you to make another stride and make sense of what the hell comes next.

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