Sensible Pencil Delineations By Luciana Belinky

Starting late, the expert Luciana Belinky from São Paulo, Brazil, had one of her representations seen by the living legend of Shake Paul McCartney, who shared the work on instagram and facebook. That shows the quality and sensibility of the skilled worker, who adjusted in isolation and values to draw.

Considered in a family astoundingly connected with craftsmanship, her excitement just started in youth. Today with 26 years old, Belinky tells that was continually charmed by sensible representations, and that was through a YouTube video that she could upgrade her work, adjusting new strategies until accomplish the result that you can discover in the pictures.

To find inspiration, she reveals that hasn't a specific place: can be in the city, in a film, theater, music, or whatever other situation that rouses her. Focused on people and human explanations, Luciana Belinky encourages to Acta MUNDI that she looks for imperative and excellent pictures, like the draw of Hugh Laurie, one of hers most cherished shading picture.

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