I Apply Plan And Model Making Capacities To Make Bionic Paper Reliefs

I make calculated paper reliefs confronting sharp crystallic microstructure of paper folds with a bionic-like smooth dazzling macrostructure of his pieces.

As a starting visual specialist with an establishment in building I am enraptured by parametric layout, set up geometry and plan course of action and crystallography. I clutch paper as a comprehensive medium outstandingly serious in its flexibility. My methodology is a twofold strategy the essential period of which is the arrangement organize living in the about unfathomable virtual condition. I by then make the pieces deliberately by hand confronting the plans with my physical and aptitude limits.

In my stream course of action called the Wrinkles, I made four little scale wavy sytheses each made of one single sheet of paper, swimming in a sea of negative space. Joined with a sensitive sidelight, these extremely basic reliefs make a shockingly interesting trade among light and shadow.

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